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Discover The Best Offshore IT Services Team in India

Unlock your business potential expeditiously with an experienced, affordable and ever-growing Offshore Team from Firespark Solutions.

Transparency | Process Efficiency | Competitive Pricing

Let Us Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We partner with  you to provide highly sophisticated offshore services with budget-friendly options that skyrocket your business growth

Trusted Partner

We ensure high standards of professionalism in maintaining confidentiality and meeting deadlines

Competent Team

We lay emphasis on training and retaining passionate tech experts committed to create better products

Budget-Friendly Options

We understand that cost is the biggest challenge for small businesses looking to outsource

Personal Touch

We give our esteemed clients a personal touch through our zealous involvement and partnerships

When Do You Need An Offshore Partner?

For any business organisation to be successful, you should know when to hire the services of an offshore partner. Below are few instances where you can say with conviction that you need one.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

A swift pace of work dictated by digitally innovative and efficient solutions is what will help you thrive in the business world.

This is where we have your back !!


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Partnering Hand in Hand with you to take your Business to Higher Ground

Firespark Solutions chalks out high-impact technical solutions to optimise and streamline your business process. In today’s world of techno dexterity and web dominance, a swift pace of work dictated by digitally innovative and efficient solutions is what will help you thrive in the Business world. That is exactly where we have your back!


We partner with you to provide highly sophisticated offshore services in the form of effective IT-enabled business processes. We structure the best possible budget-friendly options that skyrocket your business growth without having to worry about hiring and training an IT team onsite. Our offshore team take complete charge of these areas, thereby allowing you the bandwidth to focus on other aspects of your business growth.

Know more about how we can help you with our services. We Glow and You Grow!

Understanding Offshore Services


Onshore vs Offshore ?

Outsourcing is when a business or organisation contracts with a third party with a specific specialisation to execute a particular process. It can be done in the same country or a different country. The prime objective of outsourcing is cost efficiency, speedy execution and freeing up more time for the organisation to focus on the core business operations.

Offshoring and outsourcing are terms often used interchangeably, though, in reality, outsourcing is a broader umbrella of which offshore outsourcing is a subset. Offshoring is the term used to refer to the outsourcing of specialised tasks, which are not aspects of the core business or business-critical, to an external organisation located in another country. It usually involves outsourcing IT-enabled services to be performed by service providers in another country. 


Onshoring service is yet another subset of outsourcing. It refers to outsourcing services outside the business organisation but to service providers in the same country. Offshore services and onshore services differ in terms of the country of the service provider and cost efficiency, the former being more cost-effective.

Understanding Offshoring

Offshore outsourcing is an IT business model to transform or automate, deliver, optimise and manage IT services at a much lower cost. The services may vary from software development, cloud services, content writing and validation, website designing etc. Business organisations in developed countries are some of the largest offshore outsourcers of IT services to external organisations in Asian countries.


Research statistics (Courtesy- show that India is the most attractive country for outsourcing business services. Based on factors like cost effectiveness, availability of skilled specialists, growing IT expertise and business environment, India ranks first on the preferred destination listing for offshoring. It is interesting to note that 7 of the top 10 countries are in the Asia-Pacific region: India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand.


Yet another study states that 70% of British B2B companies outsource key business operations. 34% of B2B organizations in the UK outsource IT support, making it the UK’s most commonly outsourced service. Other key outsourced services are payroll (28%), printing (24%) and accounting (24%).

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Computer Programming

Offshore IT Services

Offshore outsourcing of IT-enabled services is gaining momentum with large and small businesses alike. It includes-


  • Logistical and infrastructural support

  • Streamlining storage through cloud services

  • Social media marketing

  • Website designing and development

  • Software development services

  • Customer support


Most offshore IT service providers will plan, develop/streamline and execute the functions that have been outsourced. One-point contact is the only support that will be required from the outsourcing company.

Offshore Service Provider

Research studies suggest that cost is the biggest challenge for small business organisations that want to outsource services (Courtesy- Offshore outsources have come in as a big boon in this scenario since they get quality services at affordable rates while giving them more time for in-house operations. 

However, there are some factors to be considered and verified before choosing a credible offshore service provider. Some of the aspects are:


Clear channels of control - There should be a clear understanding and agreement in terms of the degree of control that the outsourcing organisation would exercise over the services outsourced to ensure smooth offshoring.

Effective communication - Language, culture and Time zones might come in as barriers to effective communication since the outsourcing organisation and the offshore organisation will be located in different countries.

The credibility of the offshore service providerOrganizational safety and security are of utmost importance and hence it is important to determine the credibility of the external organization before hiring their services. Since IT services require providing sensitive information related to your business, this is an important aspect to be considered. Running a background check and verification of their clientele will showcase very important information about the offshore providers, like their ability to meet deadlines, quality of services provided, cost-effectiveness, etc. It is also essential to draw a non-disclosure agreement contract.

Information Technology

Our Dynamic Offshore Expert Team

Firespark solutions specialize in cloud services, software development and IT-enabled management solutions. We combine this expertise to provide high-impact offshore services at a price that fits every budget!


Being a start-up organisation, we lay much emphasis on retaining and training passionate tech experts who are committed to creating a better world through their knowledge and intent.


We ensure high standards of professionalism in maintaining confidentiality, meeting deadlines and working out innovative ways of service implementation.


At the same time, we can give our esteemed clients a personal touch through our zealous involvement and partnerships.

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